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How to Choose a CAMERA ? Why do you need a DSLR !

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People often purchase an expensive camera in name of hobby, which sits idle in their home. If it is used once a year then most probably rechargeable batteries of that camera would be dead soon. It happens because we don't know what we need. We don't know what kind of photography we do or we can do. We usually get into competition with our friends, and most importantly we think that an expensive camera will click better images even if you are not a trained photographer. All these things makes us purchase an expensive DSLR while a simple compact camera or Smartphone Camera is sufficient for our usage.

Choosing a camera is something that depends on usage. Usage of camera vary from occasional family photography to wildlife photography. Sightseeing photography is equally popular now a days. Today a smartphone camera or a compact digital camera is sufficient enough for family photography and sightseeing photography.

Everybody like closeup pics of birds and animals, but the truth is that such pics are taken by experts of photography. One in hundreds or thousands of such pics is worth publishing in magazines or websites. If you think that you can take such pics just by purchasing a good camera then the chances are very less. Wildlife photography and Fashion Photography need some training and knowledge of camera and its advanced functions. Most of us think that photography is just point-and-shot, which is true for compact cameras but not for professional cameras.

Every person can't be a Wildlife Photographer. Such type of photography need techniques and patience which can't be bought.

Which special features of Expensive cameras are never used by ordinary users?

  • Optical Zoom and Lens: Most of the DSLRs come with an option to use special lenses that can be attached to it. Most of the untrained users don't use that feature. At most they use just builtin optical zoom.
  • Manual Focus: It is something which is learnt after usage. A normal user can't use manual focus, and he/she uses it the most of the pics will be out of focus.
  • Face detection: Some modern digital cameras allow face detection. Such cameras can automatically detect multiple faces in the frame and focus on them instantly to get the best image of those faces.
  • Shutter Speed: Shutter speed of a camera can be controlled to take pictures according to light and scene. But most of the use don't use that.
  • ISO Setting: ISO setting is connected to shutter speed and light capturing.
  • Multiple shots: Sports mode in expensive cameras provides you with ability to click multiple images in one click. In this mode you get an option to choose best image out of a cluster of images clicked within a second.
  • HD Videos:Full HD Videos can be captured using these cameras. 
  • Frame speed: Videos can be captured at 120 frames/sec. It means you can watch these videos in super slow motion.
  • Low light photography: These professional cameras can capture images even in low light. Some cameras can even capture good images in moon light. Some cameras are used to capture night sky with tremendous details.
  • Ability to use tripod: Professional cameras can be used on tripod which is used to capture videos without a shake.
  • Macro-mode : This one is my favorite. It gives you ability to click images on those object which are very near. In macro mode you can click images even from 1 cm distance. It means a mosquito sitting just 1 cm away from lens can be clicked in high definition.
  • Multiple modes: Various modes present in professional cameras can click the same image with different effects. A better trained photographer have the ability and experience to choose the best mode. 
Today Digital Photography has made photography much easier for new users. AUTO mode in professional digital cameras has given freedom to use them as a compact camera. AUTO mode in these cameras tells the camera to use optimum settings depending on the conditions outside. In such case auto-focus is used and ISO setting is used automatically.

So if you know that you will always use AUTO mode in your new camera then it is better to purchase a compact camera. Only if you want to use macro-mode, manual focus, optical zoom and control shutter speed then you should go for professional cameras. There is a variety of range in such cameras, so choose your camera depending on your usage.

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