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How the World will survive WITHOUT PETROL / Fossil Fuel

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Most of the people are currently getting educated that fossil fuel like Petrol, Diesel and Petroleum Gases will soon be out of stock. The actual truth might surprise some of you. In 2015 BP, a famous oil company, said that global reserves of fossil fuel would almost double by 2050. Even if the consumption increases the stock won't last in near future. But another truth is that usage of fossil fuel is polluting our atmosphere and if fossil fuels last within a few decades then it will be better for mankind. But today we are very much dependent on fossil fuel. Is it possible with current technology to live without these fuels ?
  • What will happen to the automobiles that people are purchasing today? Won't the middle class person suffer financial loss due to sudden change in technology at such time.
  • Thermal power plants that are currently generating electricity for general public will stop functioning. How would general public get electricity for their daily needs?
  • Agriculture heavily depends on fossil fuel as machines used in fields work on either petrol or diesel. Similarly the water pumping sets are also powered by either same fuel or electricity generated by thermal power plants. If fossil fuel ends then agriculture will be heavily affected. If agriculture will be affected then who will save the economies of different countries ?
  • Public transport and heavy automobiles which are running the industries will also be affected in absence of petrol and diesel, thus again impacting economy.
  • Airlines will stop functioning in absence of fossil fuel.
The impact of ending of fossil fuel will be much worse if these problems are not heard now. It can lead to fall of economies, loss of jobs and lack of food. If all of this will happen suddenly and then it will lead to downfall of human civilization despite of all technological advancement.

How the World will survive without Petrol / Fossil Fuel in next few decades ?

  • Solar Energy, Nuclear power, Hydro-power and Air turbines will be answer for energy needs. We will need to implement the usage of these sources of power. Nuclear and Hydro power are not something that a common man can use, so they will remain in control of either Government or big industries. However solar power will be answer to most of the need of common man.
  • Today Governments are encouraging the use of solar power to generate electricity on roof tops. In next few decade people depending on power grid supply will decrease, at least the burden of heavy demand will be gone. 
  • Only some industries and public sector units like Railways will need the grid supply to run heavy equipment. If governments develop nuclear power plants and hydro-power plants now then these industries will keep running.
  • Farmers can also use the solar power for their water pumping needs if governments try to make them popular by introducing some subsidy on it.
  • Automobile industry can also use solar power to run vehicles. Even it is not possible now, then they can produce hybrid vehicles that can run on both fossil fuel and solar energy, which will reduce the fuel usage.
Even if the fossil fuel is not going to end, then we should keep it for Airlines which can't work on solar energy or battery power. Reducing the usage of fossil fuel is better for man kind as it will save us from polluted air. 

If Governments and common man don't start to think about that day when all fossil fuel will be gone, then humanity will go through its worst time. We need to act now and start thinking about cleaner alternate power sources such as solar energy. 

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