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Importance of Religion in India and How it is Exploited

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India is the most religious country. It is the mother of three biggest religions of world Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Hinduism and Buddhism originated from India and spread to all over the world while Jainism remained confined to a minor sect only. Our life is a sum total of religious rituals. In fact in India religion is present in everyday life. The role of religion in human life and spirituality is same as the role of science in the field of matter. In other words we can say that religion is the science of spirituality while the science is the religion of the matter. Religion and religious rituals bind us to God. In other words it is a way for people to be connected with God.

Religion is very important for us as it provides
emotional support to us in hard circumstances of our life. In ancient days or Vedic age religion was the synonym of science. It was a tool for the search of ultimate truth. Still it is the only way to seek the ultimate truth. Upanishads say that Atman or truth cannot be known through senses or mind. Lao Tzu, a Tao master, said that the truth that can be spoken is not the truth. In this way religion is the way to know the unknowable, to know that which cannot be said in words.

Religion has much importance in human life. Although it certainly provides employment to many people also it helps to sustain our culture and heritage. Religion carries our culture from generation to generation. Religion also stores our history in the form of mythology. It gives us inspiration and fills our life with colors of joy. Religion has given us beautiful festivals to celebrate; those have become the part of our culture, so religion is a way to sustain a culture and its values. It also makes difference between good and bad actions. It is only after the invention of religion the man became civilized in true way. Religion teaches us moral values. It gives us knowledge which science cannot give e.g. about soul and rebirth. In fact it is only religion which teaches us that we are the immortal but the body is mortal; we are the eternal in the function of time. Religion gives us the science of metaphysics. Human without religion is like the beast. Religion teaches us the real value and goal of life. It is the only way to know the ultimate truth and meaning of human life.

Religion in modern time has become a business. Pujaris are inventing many profitable Gods. Greedy people have exploited religion and its means. In this way they are playing with the emotions of innocent people those trust religion very much. Many so called gurus have exploited religion and they have become the biggest share holders. In fact religious gurus are the richest people at present time. Those who made religion a business degrade its value in and respect in people’s eyes. Gurus are selling different product in the name of religion. They are taking big fee from their devotees those want to attend sermons. In this way they are becoming property holders. They also have their patent meditation technique and their name is a brand. They are using all methods to collect the crowd of devotees.

People are using religion to fulfill their desires. Many gurus were caught in organized sex racket behind the curtain of blind faith and religion. Now they are in jail. They used their devotees in many ways. Today the Indian religion has become false. Nitsze the western philosopher declared that God is dead. But the God which is dead was never alive because he was not real. The God who can die is not God. He must die long before. No-God is better than a false God. It was the fake God who exploited religion, because when falsity mixes with truth then it does much harm and people think that it is done by real God. The real religion cannot be exploited; at that religion is humanity.

The exploitation of religion can be stopped by scientific thinking. The religion is exploited because we are blind believer and if someone calls himself God we start worshiping him. It is us, who have created fake gurus and their fake religions. We do not have power of thought. We must develop our capacity to think. Our attitudes from centuries have been that of believing and not of investigating or searching. We have to change this attitude and start questioning so that real religion can be born.

Biggest exploitation on Religion is done by Indian Politics. Politicians use religion as a vote bank and they don’t even think twice before changing a small matter into a riot. They use the religious sentiments of people to persuade them to do anything whether it’s right or wrong.

India is home to most number of religions in the world. We need to act smart so that no fake guru or politician can make us fool. It can only be done if we have knowledge of all religions and get quality education in our schools to respect religious sentiments of every other religion.

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