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Vedic Maths - Addition (with Calculator)

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Addition is one of the simplest concepts of mathematics. Here we have provided a calculator that can perform addition using the concept of vedic mathematics. We can't say that here vedic-mathematics will do it any faster, but still it is a better addition calculator. You can try to know it. 

Why this addition calculator is better ?

  • Normal calculator can't perform addition of numbers, if the number of digits is more than 32 or 64. But this calculator has no such limitations.
  • When you calculate using the normal addition method, you get the result from the right-most digit to leftmost-digit. But using this vedic-mathematics addition calculator, you get the result from leftmost-digit to rightmost-digit. Some of you might say that this is not a benefit, but we all know that we read numbers from left to right, so why not get the result from left to right. It can help us in telling the result orally, if you are solving it without a pen and paper.

So without wasting the time, you may try our addition calculator based on Vedic Maths.

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