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Government Job Savings Calculator (Free Online App for Govt Employees)

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This Savings Calculator is meant to give you an idea about your savings at the time of retirement. The data that you provide here won't be saved anywhere, not even on our server. So feel free to calculate.

Savings Calculator

Your Basic Salary : Rs
Present DA % : %
Expected per year increase in DA % : %
Saving type :
Bank Interest per Annum: %
How many years are remaining in your Retirement ? Years

Note: This Savings calculator only provides an estimate and may differ from real life results to some extent. In this calculator we have assumed:
  • A steady growth in DA.
  • Increment amount is 3% of basic rounded-off to nearest 100.
  • As DA rises above 50%, it is merged into basic salary.
  • Promotions also affect salary structure, which is not included in this calculation.
  • HRA and other allowances are not included in salary.

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