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Age in Years Months and Days | Calculate Age from Date of Birth

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We often need to calculate our age in years, months and days while filling some application form. Some time we need to calculate the age on a particular date. We are making it easier for you to calculate it by using the calculator provided below.

Age Calculator

Date of Birth Year :
Age on Year :

How to use this Age Calculator

To use this age calculator you have to follow the following steps:
  • In the first row, you have to enter your Date of Birth
  • In the second row, you have to enter the date on which you want your exact age.
  • Then you have to press the Calculate button and you exact age on that particular date will be displayed.

Where do you need this Age Calculator

You will need it when you are filling some application form and they ask for your age in years months and days on a particular date. Some of us either don't know how to calculate it or have some confusion due to leap year or number of days in months (30 or 31) . But by using this calculator you don't need to worry about these things and just press the calculate button.

How this age calculator is better than others

Usually the age calculators only calculate your age in years months and days only on current date. But by using this age calculator you can calculate your age on any date of the calendar. This is extremely useful while filling some application form and you need to calculate your age on the date of exam, which will be conducted after a few months.

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