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Which Job is Best for me ?

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Most of us are not serious about our interest, we just want want a job, regardless of the sector. In india most of the people only look at a job that they can get easily. We never try to find if we like that job or not.

If you are doing a job that you don't like then after sometime you will get bored. I have found several people curing their department. They say their department is worst, or their job sector is worst. Its not the thing with a single department, its with every department. We look at the people in other job sectors as how much satisfied they are with their job. And if you ask them they are also not satisfied.

There are only two ways to get satisfied with your job. Have patience and read the following two paragraphs carefully.
  • If you can't switch your job sector as you have already spent a long time in this sector then stop cursing it. Its your job and you have to do it. Your dissatisfaction will only make it worst. SO hold on and try to enjoy your work. Mostly nobody likes his work. There are only 2 to 3 percent employees in this world who will say that they like their job. So you are not alone. Over 97% employees are feeling same about their job. Now the question is how you can make it better for you. Just think in this way: Nobody likes a job, because it a job. Everybody likes it when its over. who would give you money to have fun. 
  • Now lets move to second way to get satisfied with your job. If you can change your job sector and have sufficient qualification to do so then do it now. 
You should choose your sector of interest while studying. Most of the students choose their subjects as per the wish of their parents and it ultimately affects their job. So when you are a student be bold to make your decisions and choose your subjects according to you interest. It will ultimately get you a job of your interest.

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