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How did HALLOWEEN Start and Why is it Celebrated

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The festival of Halloween is known for its scary costumes, horror party themes and carved pumpkins to scare kids. This day a national holiday in USA. There are various concepts famous for this day, dealing with black magic and the holy nature of this day. This day usually celebrated as a party with ghostly themes on eve of 31st October is a profitable business for costume manufacturers and event organizers. Here we will tell you some interesting facts about this day that might surprise you.

How did Halloween Start and Why is it Celebrated ?

Halloween is also know as All Hallows' Eve or All Saint's Eve. It is the beginning of holy days of christian culture. All Hallows (Saints) are remembered on this day. But if you take a look since how long it is being celebrated, then you will be surprised. This festival have its roots in Celtic harvest festivals, particularly the Gaelic festival Samhain. These festivals were marked to celebrate good harvest and the beginning of winter or the darker half of year. Some Christians abstained from meat on Halloween. Most of the Christians celebrate this day to remember and respect of their old saints.

The use of word Halloween and its christian origin dates back to 1745 and it means "hallowed evening" or "holy evening".

A number of spiritual ritual are done by people of different christian cultures on this day. Some remember their old family and friends who have passed away and try to connect with their souls. So tell scary stories on this day. Some people relate this day with black magic and believe that on this day it works best. Some people believe in future telling on this day and predict the date of getting married or death of a person. The tradition of wearing scary masks on this day began with the belief that bad spirits can be scared away by doing so.

Why Pumpkin is used for carving on Halloween

This festival originated log ago in Ireland. Irish people used to made jack-o'-lanterns to invite good spirits. These lantern were made out of turnips, squash or potatoes. As this festival spread to America, people found Pumpkin as a better fruit to make such lantern and it got popularity.

Amazing Facts about Halloween

  • Americans spend around $6 billion annually on Halloween, which makes commercially 2nd costliest festival after Christmas.
  • 25% of all candies sold annually in US are purchased on Halloween.
  • Some young women practice tricks to know the name of their future husband on this day.
  • The tradition of wearing scary masks and dresses begun because people used to think that ghosts will visit them now as darker phase of year has started, and if people wear scary masks on this day then ghosts won't be able to recognize them.
  • Some people connect Halloween with Witches. The word “witch” comes from the Old English "wicce", which means wise woman. Those who believe it say that witches meet twice a year and one of those days in Halloween.
  • In Medieval Europe, people considered owls and black cats as witches and thus their image get connected to Halloween.
  • Hindu people also have a similar tradition to remember their dead and pray to keep their souls at rest, which is also celebrated around the same month. It is known as "Pitr-Paksha" or "Shradh", and commonly consist of 15 days.
  • In many countries Halloween is considered as an unwanted and overly commercialized festival.
  • Largest Halloween parade is organized in New York City every year where more than 50,000 people participate and attract over 2 million spectators.

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