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How does our Ego and our Political Approach Works

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Ego is the cause behind most of the problems in world. It is also corrupting the good politics in many countries. You might be thinking that we are going to talk about ego of political leaders who sometimes get so much obsessed with power that they forget that they are chosen to serve the country and the people. Instead of being a representative they start being a dictator of their constituency with all administration under their control. But here we are not going to talk about ego of a common man, who choose such representatives only due to their own ego and then blame governments for being good for nothing.

How does our Ego and our Political Approach Works ?

Whenever we support or oppose a political party, we give fuel to our own ego. Instead of choosing a party after checking it on certain specific traits, we choose our party on the basis of our preconceived notions and then we try to find some good points to keep supporting them. We start ignoring the bad works of the party that we support by blaming other parties for that. It only shows that how egoistic we are.

Some super intelligent people choose their political party on the basis of their religion and caste, which is the basic fuel for some political parties. But don't get fooled by that. There are some political parties that make "धर्मनिरपेक्षता" (secularism) their religion and attract some remaining intellectual people to follow them. This is how politics work in some major democracies.

How does ego of a common man fails the Government ?

Ego of a common man is the basic reason behind selecting such candidates for parliament who don't even have good qualification or good manners to represent their constituency. Ego of a common man is the basic reason if the wrong government gets chosen. What can one expect from a government, where the candidates win their election only because they got ticket from a reputed political party.
Usually political parties choose such candidates who can spend money for election expenses. Have you ever heard that a common man got ticket due to his qualification, speaking skills or leadership skills. Most of the candidates are either businessmen or goons. When such elements of society gets into the government then their main motive in "earning", not "serving". This is how ego of a common man fails the government.
After choosing such candidates for a complete term, we have no right to blame the government as it is the projection of ego of a common man, which is destroying his own future.

What we forget while selecting a political party is that these parties are there to create a good government, which can make good laws, good infrastructure ( roads, rails, transport, electricity, jobs, educational institutions, medical facility) and good policies for betterment of common man.

How we can make a better Government ?

Instead of being fan of a particular party we need to focus on the working capacity of a party. Now a days it is difficult to choose a party, as each party has its own negative traits. But what we can do is choose a good candidate from our own constituency. Instead of blaming parties for giving tickets to goons and criminals, we should defeat such people by selecting another good candidate regardless of his/her party, caste or religion. It may result in coalition governments, but after sometime it will result in good candidates getting tickets from major parties. When such time will come you will get a better government regardless of the party which is forming it.
It is time to put your preconceived notions and ego on one side and choosing correct leader for your constituency.

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