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How RESERVATION is polluting the minds of Indian people

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Castes are a part of Indian social system which is usually misunderstood and followed in the same way. In vedic times castes were not decided by birth, but by the qualities and work that a person do. But during past 1000 years it changed from quality-based to birth-based and discrimination of lower castes begun. This discrimination was fully utilized by Mughals and Britishers to further divide the society. In the end RESERVATION was introduced in our constitution with a positive objective of bringing the lower castes into the main stream and create some equality in society. But what happened next is something which was never observed keenly by our politicians.

The Differences between SC/ST and General has Widened

Some people of SC/ST community might have flourished due to reservation, but communication between SC/ST and General has stopped. General population think that their deserving candidates don't get jobs due to SC/ST, and SC/ST think that General people are not happy to see them flourish.

Differences Widening due to Reservation in Promotion

This policy is certainly the worst thing that can happen to a deserving candidate. A person who has got a government job only due to his ability, not due to his caste, feels neglected when his colleague of the same seniority gets promotion as he belonged to SC/ST community. Obviously it will hamper the performance of a general candidate who got the same job after attaining better marks than that candidate. He may feel depressed or useless. But most likely governments never measure if implication of such useless policies is hampering the productivity of a department. A general candidate who face such discrimination, will certainly not like to perform his best as his work will never be recognized. Reverse will happen with SC/ST candidate as he will be promoted even if his performance remains at lower level, so he will not perform his best as well. So both sides are not performing their best due to a useless policy. It will also create lack of communication or worst office politics between the employees of these categories.

What do people of these communities think ?

  • General people think that all SC/ST candidates have acquired  job only due to reservation and those seats actually belonged to deserving candidates. SC/ST candidates think that they are utilizing something which is meant for them and it is lawful.
  • General people think that reservation is discrimination with general community as those general people who are really needy can't utilize reservation, while well flourishing candidates of SC/ST community can utilize it. SC/ST candidates think think that the general population has behaved badly with them during past centuries and now is the time to payback.
Revenge can never be complete. An an for an eye can make whole world BLIND.

What is the truth ?

Good and Bad people are found in every caste, every community, every state and every country. Some people of General community can agree with thoughts of SC/ST, while some people of SC/ST community can agree with thoughts of General community. But the politicians of this country will never let these good people sit together and let them remove the barrier of castes and reservation. They will continue to make them fight, so that instead of thinking about Nation as whole, these people keep fighting for their need and greed. If these people start to talk normally then they may talk about nation first, and if they talk about nation then it will be harder for politicians to rule.

Answer these question on your own.

  • What will happen if companies like Google and Microsoft start the reservation policy. Will they stay on top? If not, then how can a country be on top by implementing reservation.
  • Who needs the reservation - a well flourishing SC/ST candidate or a person with very low family income regardless of caste ?
  • Who needs reservation - Candidate of a family where many people have already utilized reservation or a candidate where no one has successfully got the qualification even to apply for a government job?
  • Who needs reservation - son of a MLA/MP/Bureaucrat or son of a defense personal who lost his life fighting for the nation.

Even if reservation can't be removed from constitution, then it should be given to only those who are really in need. Else it will only create a worst form of unrest in society which will be worst than the discrimination done by caste system.

When we talk about "Right to Equality" provided in our constitution, i often think if it is really so. Reservation in Government Jobs is discrimination on the basis of caste. How can "Reservation" go along with "Right to Equality".

Reservation has created a new type of untouchability, where two people don't even like to talk with each other.

No Reservation in Indian Armed Forces

Yes, there is no reservation in Indian Armed Forces, and i don't think that any politician has ever asked for that. Do you know why ? It is because there our country need the really deserving candidates, who are really the best. Our armed forces, Army, Airforce and Navy have got candidates of all castes, colors and races. Even SC/ST candidates are there. They are there only because they are best. Security of nation can't be compromised in the name of reservation. Even politicians can't compromise on their security.

This new pollution "Reservation" can't be stopped unless government do something about it. No matter from which caste and community you belong, you will utilize "Reservation" if you can avail it. Nobody would like to be left behind if such a piece of cake is present there to be eaten. And it is also natural that you will feel bad if your legs are tied and someone else runs and eats that cake.

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