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Technology and Religion - Can they flourish together in India

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People are afraid that the war between science and religion will remove religion totally in future. Due to this fear Church hanged Galileo because he declared that earth is revolving around the sun which was against what was written in Bible. Religion was wrong at that time. In fact science will make religion more pure and technology will give it more tools. It is clear that no one can stop the victory of science and technology over the future of mankind. Science will remove all the blind beliefs and superstitions from the religious mind and then only real religion will be left.

Nitsze a western philosopher declared in previous
century that God is dead. But the God which is dead was never alive and it is good news that he is no more. Also he should have died long before because he was false and no God is better then fake God. The death of fake God is the greatest achievement of our rational mind which gives birth to science and technology. Science will remove the falsity which is covering the truth of religion so there is no need to be afraid.

Science and technology is not a political theory or any philosophy of a sect. It is a process of increasing knowledge of Human Being. So it can not harm religion but it can help it to grow up to more height. Science and technology is the reason for the death of fake religions, so only fake religious people are afraid of science and technology. Neither your religion will remain nor mine, will only true religion remain alive in this revolution of science and technology.

There is a great possibility that religion and technology will flourish together in India, but only a true religion can walk with technology and not a fake one. Technology is of a great help for human civilization. Sometimes it harmed us also when it fell in the hand of power lusty people. Future is of technology. It has made human life easier then ever in the history of mankind. Today because of technology world has become a gossip village where everyone knows everyone else’s business. All our luxuries are given by technology which has become essential part of our life and we can not live without them. In this way technology has done a great revolution in human life.

The crossbreeding of technology and true religion will give birth to Homo Novus, the next stage in the evolution of human being. Yoga with science and technology will be more beneficial for human being. Meditation with the help of science and technology will become more efficient. Thus the Homo Novus will have the mind of Einstein and heart of Buddha. This will be the greatest miracle on the earth if science and technology can flourish together in India.

In India there is a great possibility for Homo Novus to take birth because today technology is spreading here all over and religion of Buddha already exist here, so India is going to decide the future of mankind in this way. Krishna born in past is not of the past, he is of the future. He can take birth if religion and technology can marry.

The technology in the hand of true will not be harmful. It can be harmful only in the hand of fake religion. If India wants to give birth to new evolution of mankind, it has to become more scientific. The feet of this new man will be on the ground, he will not be uprooted like modern human and his hands will touch the stars of the sky. False religion is the only hindrance in the flourishing of religion and technology. It is certain that false religion will disappear from world but why not kill it today, so that new consciousness may dawn much earlier, otherwise it will be too late. Indian mind is old. It has great love for old. Of course old is gold but new is the platinum and until we destroy the old, how we can create new in place of it. So India needs to look towards future and not towards past, whether its past was a golden age, but present is a hell and we must focus on present and future with scientific attitude, otherwise there will be no possibility for the flourishing of religion and technology together in India. Today India is a beggar and only beggar says that his grandfather was a king. We must change our mentality to speak much about golden age, Ram-rajya and this and that. The world will laugh on us if we can not make Ram –rajya in future, it will say that our concept of golden age is just a childish story. So technology and religion can flourish together in India only if fake religious concepts and our old mind die.

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