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How to Reduce POVERTY in India

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Poverty is the state of poor people. Poverty can be defined as the lack of basic needs for survival for human being such as food, shelter, healthcare and education. According to World bank India is among the poor countries. Industrial revolution which happened in Europe in 18th century came much later in India hence we remained far behind then world. Poverty is everywhere in the world especially in Developing countries. Before 1820, 80% of world population used to survive below a USA dollar per day. After the Industrial revolution poverty started disappearing from the world. In 2001 only 20% of world population survives below one USA dollar per day.
In India recently government has declared those families below poverty line (BPL), which have monthly income below 1200 INR in villages and below 1500 Rupees in cities. Maximum economy of India is based on agriculture. Here we are discussing the ideas to reduce poverty in India.

Increase Technology and Communication

Lack of technology and communication in India made it poor. We need latest technology in agriculture to increase our production. Indian farmers should be given knowledge about the methods to increase agricultural production. Government should provide Nitrogen fertilizers, pesticides and high quality seeds on low price rate to poor farmers. Indian farmers need monetary capital for different things in the beginning of Rabi and kharif season. They take loan from Sahukars on heavy interest rate which makes them poorer. So government should provide loan to farmers on low interest rate. Another reason of poverty in India is irregular Monsoon. Many crops are destroyed due to lack of irrigation, when Monsoon is late. Crops of the northern plane depend mostly on the Monsoon. Government has started the schemes of crop insurance to recover the risk due to monsoon or any other Natural disaster.

Remove Religious Hindrances

Some people remain poor because of their religious and philosophical beliefs. For example Christian nun or monk takes vow of poverty or to live without luxury. This type of poverty is called voluntary poverty. Some tribes also do not want to leave the jungle. Some religious beliefs don’t let the person use any birth control methods which increases the population, which leads to poverty.

Proper Population Regulation

Further in India its large population is also a great cause of poverty. We need much food to feed this large population. India is the second most populous country of the world and it is going to come on the first after this decade. This fast growth rate will make us poorer. In future there will be more problem for us to feed and give shelter to this large population, which will decrease the area of fertile land. This large population has given birth to unemployment which further leads to poverty. So we must stop this growth of population to remove poverty from India and provide employment to our youths.

Controlling the Inflation

Inflation is another cause of poverty in India. People have less income sources while the rate of goods keeps increasing which reduces their purchasing power. In inflation the value of currency decreases hence less good can be bought per unit of currency. Government should make efficient strategies to reduce inflation.

Changing our Education System

Lack of professional education is another cause of poverty. Education has become a business and is not affordable by poor. Government failed to provide quality education to youths. Government should provide cheap and better technical education to children as it will help to reduce poverty. A quality education is that which provides you a job and make you a better citizen. Till now our education system has not succeeded in this goal.

Increase Self-Employment

Government should provoke self employment by giving monetary capital as loan. It can encourage people to open small industries. These all steps will increase income sources and make people prosperous. It will also provide job opportunities to others as well.

Removing Corruption and Money Laundering

Corruption increases the black money in nation, which decreases the tax collection in country. Not only that, people also transfer this money through money laundering to bank accounts in other countries. That’s how corruption makes the country poor. A number of steps are taken by previous and present government but none of that black money has come back to nation.

Make in India

Government should invite multinational companies in India to make their products. This will provide employment to people and hence will reduce poverty in many ways. We should also develop our own industries and sell products in other countries under the brand ‘Made in India’ which will bring money to country and will reduce poverty.

We must make people aware about how they can increase their earnings. We should educate them, so that production can be increased on broad level. Further support from banking sector is needed to enhance people to create wealth. In this way poverty can be removed from India. The problems of corruption and black money are also responsible for poverty. Corruption does not allow the government facilities to reach the poor people. Black Money is nation’s capital outside the country. It must be brought back. Then only we can remove poverty from our country India.

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