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ILLITERACY in India and its Consequences

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Even after sixty-seven years of independence a large population of our country does not know how to read and write. This is the great fallacy of our system. There is no doubt that most of this large population of illiterate people live in villages and hence are not benefitted by government policies. Also this fact is not doubtful that population of illiterate people is decreasing day by day but the main goal is yet to be achieved.

Kerala is the most literate state of India. Its district Ernakulum has achieved 100% literacy. As the
breeze of modernity is grasping Indian mind, people are becoming aware of the fact that education is becoming a necessity for survival in future because future is of technology. Today no-one wants his children to remain uneducated and illiterate.

Reasons for Illiteracy in India

The glory of education system was on peak in Vedic age. Both girls and boys were being taught by Gurus. It was only after the victory of Muslim rulers over India girls were not allowed to go outside. Foreign invaders destroyed Indian culture and education system. Nalanda University which was world famous for the study of Buddhism was also destroyed by them. From this destruction the soul of India became slave which took thousand years to become free. After being looted for thousand years India became poor which once was "Bird of gold". Because of this poverty, child labor and child marriages started in India. These evils didn't allow society to become educated.

Today also poverty is a great reason which does not allow poor children to go to the school. Although "Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan" started by government gives right to education and Mid-day-meal to children which has made it possible for them to go to school. RTE provides free education to every child up to the age of fourteen years. Poor children have become rags pickers because they don't need mid-day-meal only, they need breakfast, dinner and clothes to wear. Also a guy of junior high school will find only labor work in factory. Today we need more efficient education schemes because children belongs to the nation and it is not enough let them pass only eight classes and not more then that.

Consequences of Illiteracy

A large population of illiterate and uneducated people remains untouched by beneficial government plans and schemes. They don't have knowledge and hence even today they are the frog of the well, who doesn't know that there is a world outside also. They born poor, they die poor. They have suffered much because of illiteracy specially farmers. Their illiteracy has given birth to mediators, commission agents those destroy profit. IRB and NABARD started a scheme of Kisan Credit Card in 1999 but still a large population of farmers is living without it. They still depend on Mahajans, Sahukars for loan on heavy interest rates which binds them in unending cycle of loans. It makes them more poor and force them to take the step of suicide. 

Indian government understood it and started a new planned "Prodh Shiksha" to educate farmers and landless labor but it was not much successful because most of the villagers were not interested in education. Because of their illiteracy everyone Sahukars, Mahajans, MNCs are looting them. Many people sold their land and escaped from villages and went to villages, here they were forced to sleep on footpath by their own destiny. Destiny is the master of the man who doesn't have knowledge and that man is the master of the destiny who has knowledge. Furthermore their children inherited this poverty from their parents. It should not be said that our government and our system is responsible for their bad condition. It has done much for them and still is doing.

Poverty, child marriages, child labor are some of the consequences of illiteracy. In Indian villages some girls become mother in early teenage. Most of them die during child birth and those who still survive, suffer from many painful diseases and malnutrition. Children taking birth, some are born handicapped and suffer from diseases and malnutrition. Illiteracy is also one of the foundation stone of Dowry system and domestic violence. Many women and girls suffering from domestic and sexual violence but they keep quite because they don’t know how to speak for oneself.

All types of blind beliefs and superstitions are also some of the consequences of illiteracy. Many foolish traditions exist in our society. Sometimes a father cuts down his own son’s head because he thinks that Tantric or his power will give him desired thing. For example in India such cases and news are very common. These all stupid things exist because of illiteracy in our country. Therefore there is a need at present time to educate people on broad level. But a question arises that is it so that literate people are not blind believer. No. They are too. Hence literacy is not enough, scientific education is needed to remove all evils from society. A scientific education will provoke reasoning and conscience in a person’s mind which will make him real human otherwise he will remain a beast in the body of human. So a revolution of mind is needed which will make him civilized.

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