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Impact of BOLLYWOOD on Social Life in India

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Cinema is the mirror which reflects past, present and future of the society. But at many times it imagines its own fantasies and when society observes it, it inherits many colors of attitude from it. So it is not only the society which modify cinema but cinema too changes society for example a boy f street copies the style of his favorite hero and girl that of an actress. When a culture is projected on the screen which is a utopia for our collective consciousness we rush towards that. For example the theme of nuclear was first invented by cinema but now it is n reality. Cinema although reflects our culture, our religion but it also adds certain values to them. For example films of ninety’s sing the romantic theme “chhod do baiyan jamana kya kahega” and now it sings “touch me touch me touch me”. So as society changes, cinema changes and as cinema changes it changes cinema too. This change goes simultaneously in both dimensions.

Impact of Bollywood on Social Life in India

Dada Saheb Falke brought cinema from London to Bombay. The first film he made was not audible Raja Harishchandra an Indian mythological king. The first audible Indian film was come later. Its name was Alam-Ara. Today we can see that has become ultramodern with new and latest technologies. This cinema started by Dada Saheb Falke was known as Bollywood.
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 From the time of Dada Saheb Falke Bollywood has traveled a long historical distance. Dada Saheb Falke  award is the greatest award of this field . Today the model of Bollywood we see is not the sudden modification but attained through a continuous function. There are many milestones in this long journey of bollywood and their contribution to Bollywood is really great.

Dev Anand , who is known as ‘king of romance’ revolutionized the whole philosophy of sensual and romantic scenes in bollywood . It was a quantum leap for bollywoood from traditional love to the love on the road. His autobiography “Romance with Life” advocates this fact. Rajesh Khanna another milestone changed the concept of tragedy. He was famous as tragedy king. The contemporary society appreciated these stars very fast and inherited many such rebellious values which were against our culture e.g. love had come from caged home to the open road at this time. These stars so dramatically changed the mind of their contemporary youths that when their car used to pass nearby a local town, the youth girls used to fill the dust of its wheel in place of sindoor which was the symbol of suhaag for a Indian woman. This revolution in Indian cinema provoked youths to celebrate valentine day in India.
Bollywood also had a great role in our national unity. Through it we came to know the different parts of our country and their culture, in this way we knew them and subsided our dogmas about them. Today also Bollywood is playing a great role in our national unity. Either it is Chennai Express  or Locha-e –Ulfat the boy of one state is falling in love with the girl of another state. This is what Bollywood is teaching to us to respect each other’s language and culture otherwise people fought a lot on the issue of language and culture in our political history.
Furthermore cinema or Bollywood also fought against social evils in its own way and taught us too. It fought against Dowry system, child marriage, Child labor and the cruel behavior of landlords just after the independence. Today also it is fighting corruption in Satyagraha of Amitabh Bachchan. So in this way it brought major changes in people’s mentality. But it changed our youths in negative direction also. Many young boys became BHAI  or DON as their image in Bollywood cinema was that of most powerful man. Many times the character of DON was projected even more powerful then police, judiciary. In this way many youths betrayed their way. They started drinking alcohol like hero, smoking and gambling. These are the demerits of Bollywood cinema. Hence it is clear that Bollywood cinema had both good and bad impacts on Indian society.
Indian cinema was also affected by western cinema. The concept of comedy in Bollywood cinema came from Hollywood. The avtar of Charlie Chaplin changed the tragedy theme of Bollywood into comedy. In India Raj Kapoor tried to become the avtar of Charlie Chaplin. After the arrival of Charlie Chaplin the Indian hero started being beaten by actress and her father. Before it the Bollywood was sad and somber. No hero had so much courage of being beaten by shoes of heroin. Not only in Indian cinema but in Indian culture too the concept of comedy never existed. Neither in Ramayana nor in Mahabharata there is even a single line of comedy. The hero started laughing on himself. Before it he used to laugh on others and by this revolution in cinema people started laughing but Charlie Chaplin still remains the peak of laughter.
Today technology is taking its grip on human mind hence Bollywood is also not left untouched by it. Now Bollywood is following Hollywood. Bollywood is producing films on the ultramodern concepts of modern physics, science and technology. In this way its transforming poetic mind into technical. It will not be an outspoken statement if we say that Bollywood has left behind the love stories of Laila-Majnu and now it is projecting the theories of Einstein and Hawking on its screen. It has projected the war of Mahabharat now it is projecting planet war. Our society also is inheriting these modern values and virtues from it. Now children are becoming interested in science after watching them on screen. They also want to go on the Moon and the Mars. Society urges to live in that luxurious life which technology is going to bring somewhere in future. So from the very beginning society is changing its colors after watching the colors of cinema and this process will never stop.    

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