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Influence of Indian Politics in our Daily Lives

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Politics influences our daily life in many ways. Many people begin their day with gossips on politics with mourning tea or coffee. People start their day by reading political headlines in news paper. Some fellows read the every word of the news and discuss it with their friends for hours. If people like leader ‘x’ then they will abuse leader ‘y’. People start fighting many times in discussion. In India everyone tries to be a politician. Today women are also interested in politics and they also talk for hour on many issues. In modern world people chat and share their ideas on social sites like Face book and Twitter. They read latest news on these social sites and remain updated so that they can fight with a friend on these issues. Mostly people speaks in favor of winning party, if someone utters a sentence in favor of opposition, they make it burning issue and laughs wholeheartedly on that person and his views. People use the photo of a political leader and flag of party as the symbols of power, prestige and status. Many people keep a photo of a political leader in their drawing room and fit a flag on their car.

When we go in our relatives we talk about politics.
We tell them our about our local politics and are keen interested to know their local politics. Politics is everywhere in our life. The history that we teach to our children is totally political. Maximum news in the newspaper is political. In daily life we get angry on government if the price of onions has risen. When we reach to petrol pump and see that petrol price has risen, we again give abuses to ruling party. Our walls, our streets are painted with political slogans. Political slogans are very much popular among people and parties. People never miss the golden chance to show their knowledge by speaking on a political issue. Politics is a way of fun for people.

When we want to show our status to our neighbors we invite a political leader in a party or function. People in Uttrakhand invite CM even in birth day parties. Many times debates and essay competition are held in schools and colleges on political issues. Children do not need to use much mind to write on political issues. They have a lot of matter to write on them.

Political jokes are the most famous jokes. People love to tell jokes which contain characters of political leaders which make jokes funnier. Sometimes political leaders turn out to be joker themselves when they contradict their own statements. News channels utilize such opportunity completely and show their contradictory statements. Many times they do high voltage political drama and make people to laugh. They keep black money and wear white clothes. When a politician disappears from cartoons of newspaper it means that he has lost his importance in politics like some senior ruling party leaders (Hope u got my point). In our daily life our mind remains full of political thought, in this way we put political news in place of sugar in our cup of tea.

Politics becomes viral during election time. People attend the meeting of leaders to eat laddus and jalebis. Leaders also give alcohol to their devotees. Many small leaders collect crowd to make their powerful image in front of big leaders. They give rupees to people for walking behind them with party flags. People enjoy election time very much as it is the festival time of democracy. Public is always with winning leaders. It forgets the defeated ones.

Politics influence people in both good and bad ways. It is necessary for healthy democracy. It increases the interest of people in democracy. Our country is a democratic and republic nation. Politics has increased corruption in our country. Politicians are the most corrupt people in modern India. They own big black market. They think only about themselves and not for the nation. In this way they make the nation weak and paralyzed. Many politicians misuse their power. They want to gain more profit with the help of their power. People feel proud in being personally related to a politician as he helps them in many ways. For example he helps them to get admission in a college; he helps them to get a job, to get the tender from government. So in this way politician helps people but at the same time he spreads corruption. They take bribe in the name of gift or donation. Many politicians also listen to people’s problem and solve them. Many of them fight for people’s rights. However politicians do some things good for people but they are rare. They change time to time according to their political benefits. For the chair of minister they change their parties. Many times they use government for their own benefits. People throw shoes on them, give a lot of abuses but they remain undisturbed. They keep attention towards the chair of minister.

In this way politician and politics both influence our daily life. In fact in a democratic country it impossible to remain uninfluenced by politics especially in most populous democratic country like India. Politics is dissolved in the air so if we breathe it will go inside. Politics have its own merits and demerits, which is essential for democracy. Politics on religious issues have resulted in communal violence and killed many innocent people. It must not be used on religious issues with which people are emotionally connected. Only healthy politics can have good influence on people and nation. Only Healthy politics can work in positive way for the development of the nation.

Elder leaders try to use youth as party workers and don’t let them enter into main politics as they are the biggest threat to them. The youth has the power to kick out the stale politics and remove the corrupt one out of their position.

That’s how Indian Politics influence our daily lives and make a common man think about political issues of the nation every day.

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