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How PARANORMAL Experiences can be Explained Scientifically

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Ghosts and Haunted houses have remained a mystery for centuries. Those who encounter such things explain them as real. A number of horror movies have entertained the people with strong hearts and made the kids scream. Almost all kids are fearful of ghosts but that fear fades away as we grow up. But those who face paranormal activities tell that its real. Those who believe in science think that such people have had hallucination, but how the science can explain the whole family going through similar hallucinations.

According to science the reality (that our brain shows us) depends on the sensory input data (provided by our sense organs) and the way our brain interprets that data. Even if any one of these don't work properly, the results can be disastrous. Our brain is a biological machine and there are ways to hack it, and sometimes this hacking happens unknowingly. You will understand this statement as you read this article further.

Before we explain the science behind paranormal experiences, lets entertain you with some interesting facts about paranormal.
  • A 2015 survey conducted in Chapman University found that more than 40% of Americans believe in haunted places and spirits.
  • A 2014 survey done in UK found that 52% people believe in supernatural and paranormal activities.

How Paranormal Experiences can be Explained Scientifically

  • We want to believe it: If we strongly believe something then we can explain it as truth to others. For example everybody loves immortality and "Life after death" give us a reason to believe that we will be immortal even when our body will be lost. Such thoughts give birth to our belief in paranormal. If we believe in "life after death" then we need to believe that those who have died are actually present in the same world. 
  • Logic can prove that paranormal exists: Logic is something that can easily prove something true even if it is false. To do so you just need a logical brain. According to philosophy, any preconceived though can be proved true if you have got a logical brain to mold the facts as per your need. For example, if positive exists then negative is must else there will be no equilibrium, similarly if God exists (which is considered positive) then ghosts also exist.
  • All Memories are not real: Some scientific studies have proved that when two people talk with good belief on each other, then things said by one person make visual memories in other person's brain. Now the second person start treating those memories as his own, especially when he/she talks about similar topics with others.
  • Hallucination: It is the best possible explanation for paranormal activities. Our belief in ghosts made hallucinations more real. Hallucination is watching, hearing or feeling something that is not real. It is just a fake interpretation of sensory data provided to our brain by our eyes, ears and skin. A question will arise in any scientific brain that how can hallucination occur to a healthy person and how is it possible for several people to have similar hallucinations. The answer lies in the possible reasons of such hallucinations.

How Hallucinations can make you believe in Paranormal Activity ?

In 1921, a doctor named W.H. Wilmer published an article in American Journal of Ophthalmology. In that article he explained how carbon monoxide can cause aural and visual hallucinations. In that article he wrote about a haunted house, where the family complained about moving furniture sounds, strange voices and feeling of presence on somebody. Dr Wilmer found that a faulty furnace was causing carbon monoxide poisoning in that home and all members of family were experiencing it. As the furnace was fixed all paranormal experiences were gone.
Lower levels of carbon monoxide poisoning causes hallucination (misinterpreted as paranormal activity). If the person dies due to that poisoning, people say that paranormal activity in his house killed that person and the house become haunted in such cases.
Canadian neuroscientist named Michael Persinger researched on hallucinations caused due to electromagnetic fields. When subjects are made to wear helmets with weak electromagnetic fields, they complained of some unknown presence in the room. It gives an indication that our brain gets affected by electromagnetic radiation and may cause such hallucinations.
Inaudible sounds can also cause hallucinations. Human ears can only hear those sounds that fall in a particular frequency range. Some researches have proved that very high and low frequency sounds, such as created by wind turbines or a faulty fan, can cause some bad effects on health and hallucinations are one of them.
Fungal spores are also know as a cause of hallucination. That is why old buildings with poor air quality and lack of ventilation are well known for ghost sightings, which is actually a hallucination.

Movie makers have earned a lot with the fear of viewers. Today scientists can scientifically explain almost every paranormal activity. But still some orthodox people are not ready to accept this knowledge.

In the comments section, you can put more light on this topic and explain what you think about paranormal activity. If you have yourself experienced any such thing and now feel that you have got the reason then please mention it in comments.

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