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How to find the GOD ?

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It is an interesting question, especially if you are a bit spiritualistic. Finding God or even just understanding him is the motive of most of the religions. Every religion has got a definition of God. Some say its one, while some say its many. The truth is that most of the people follow their religion either due to fear of God or just because they want something from their God, which can be happiness, health or money. Such religious people are very less, who are really in search of God.

Where does God live ?

The most common accepted answer to this question is that it is everywhere and recording all events of our life from above. All our good and bad deeds will be evaluated and calculated by him at the end of our life for further actions. Both kids and adults believe this theory, which is something puzzling as this definition should evolve as we grow up.

If you ask a scientific-spiritualistic person the same question then the answer can be something like this. "It is an invisible energy controlling the whole cosmos. We can't see it because we don't have the instruments to see it. Our senses are not enough to feel it. Previously we used to think that 99% of Universe is space as we can't see anything there as light can pass through it. But today we know that this 99% space is not empty, it is filled with energy and matter known as Dark Energy and Dark Matter. To understand God we need to understand the whole cosmos."
Such definitions can definitely make people look out at the night sky and feel amazed that we are living out here on a tiny planet, but does it really help you in finding God.

How to find God ?

To find something, you actually need to know what you are going to find. How does it look like ? Even if its invisible, then there must be something to feel it. Spiritualistic people are in every religion and some of them have tried to define it and ways to feel it. Some say that it can be felt through meditation, while some say that it be felt through accepting the truth and surrender to God. One more way described in some religions is to keep performing your duties towards your family and society with no desire of anything.
All of these methods are not meant for everybody. Every person as got a different mindset. Neither everybody can surrender nor everybody can meditate. But one thing that is common in all ways of finding God is the end. Spiritual Gurus often tell us that in the end you will feel immense happiness, which will be beyond any joy or sorrow felt in your life.
One more thing said by such believers is that once you have reached the destination, you will not feel any happiness in joyful activities and no sorrow in sad things, instead you will be neutral. This stage is equivalent to death, as your mind would have been gone at this stage. It is also said that after reaching this stage, you won't even worry about your body and life. Believing this thing is even not possible for me, however i am writing it.

Why to find God ?

I think that here WHY is more important than HOW. One thing that makes me interested in God is that almost all of the seekers want to find him to experience happiness. Happiness is the motive of every person, even if he/she is not searching for God. In other words Happiness can be explained as God of everybody. In the beginning of this article i have written that most of us want happiness, health and money. Even if we let money aside, then happiness and health is basic desire or everybody.

How does God look like ?

Nobody has ever seen it ! Those who felt it, explain it as immense happiness out of nothingness. This nothingness is not approachable by everybody, but happiness is. If it is so, they why can't we be one with God through happiness. HAPPINESS is another form of God. If something makes you happy, then it is your God. That something can be singing, dancing, painting, traveling, some sports or some other hobby. Even spending time with kids and family can give happiness.
According to me HEALTH is another form of God. It is harder to experience happiness if you have got bad health. Keeping yourself fit through regular workout and balanced diet is ultimate necessity to earn happiness.

We often neglect our health and happiness around us, either due to busyness in earning money or due to incorrect approach to find God. Here one should not think that i am against meditation. If meditation gives you happiness then you should certainly do it, but not at the cost of happiness of others.
In the beginning of this article i told that how a scientific brain explains God and cosmos. It is somehow true, if solving the puzzles of universe gives you happiness, then it is bringing you near God. Similarly if following your religious practices gives you happiness, then it is bringing you near God. But in search of God never compromise on your health.

What if someone feels happiness after committing a crime ?
Some people with more logical brain can ask that if someone feels happiness after committing a crime, then how can happiness be God. In that case you must understand that if you are making yourself happy by hurting others then it can't take you near God. This fact should be understood that if your are feeling happy by hurting others then you need to get yourself treated first, God can wait to have an appointment with you.

So be Healthy and Happy without hurting others. One day God will find you himself.

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