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There are no ALIENS ! How to prove that ?

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Most of us believed that there must be some aliens or alien civilizations living far away in the depths of Universe, who occasionally visit our planet and often seen as UFOs. Science fictions and Hollywood movies cultivated our brain with the knowledge of Aliens. Some people started believing that Aliens are our enemies and one day they will enslave our planet. Some experts on such topics believe that ancient structures like Pyramids were made by technology provided by aliens, or made by aliens themselves. Some historians claim our ancestors who lived in caves even carved pictures of UFOs on the walls.
I can assure you that after reading this article, you will doubt if all those facts you believed true were just a mere imagination of our scientific brain.

How to prove that there are no Aliens ?

Usually we believe that Universe is very big and if we have evolved on planet Earth, then there must be life on any other planet with similar conditions to let the life evolve. It is an interesting theory which can be proved wrong. According to scientific discoveries so far, now we know that our Universe is around 13.8 billion years old. If we consider this whole period as 1 year, then humans are on this planet Earth are only from past 12 minutes, and our well developed western civilization is here for only for past few seconds. In this period of 1 year, even if an alien civilization has evolved 2 day prior to us (which is not a big deal) and they have got a brain similar to humans then they would have colonized the whole galaxy within a day (mush before humans evolved). But if it is so then how is it possible they they didn't find our planet or didn't even tried to contact us? The simplest answer is that there is no alien civilization.
The very first thing that a civilization needs to develop is a planet like Earth ? The probability of having another planet like Earth in this whole universe is almost NIL. We will tell you why. Here we will tell about some simple conditions that are must for a planet to have advanced alien species capable of interstellar travel.

There are 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (that's 1 billion trillion) stars in the observable universe. However it is just an estimate, as exact counting can never be done. There are 100 thousand million stars in our Milky Way Galaxy alone. This counting is so large but still it can be proved that probability of life in it almost NIL and we are only lucky species that is surviving and ruling a planet.

We will take different criteria into account and choose that one in a 1000 solar system passes that criteria. So initially taking those 1 billion trillion stars into account.
  • Every Star can't have a solar system: But still we assume that every star has got a solar system with at least 1 planet in it. It keeps our chances of life on 1 billion trillion locations in universe.
  • A perfect distance from star (or Sun): This is required for a planet to have correct temprature range to support life. It is known as Goldilocks zone in scientific language. Assume that one in every 1000 solar system have got such a planet. In 2013 astronomers predicted that 40 billion Earth-sized planets are orbiting in the habitable zones. But we will go with our 1 billion trillion locations data and consider that one in every thousand fulfills that criteria. So it leaves us with 1,000,000 trillion locations.
  • Habitability: Being in Goldilocks zone does not mean that life can exist there. Amino acids and water is found in several meteors and space dust, but not even unicellular life originated there. So again dividing by 1000 for habitability our count decreases to 1000 trillion.
  • Complex life form: Even life exists on a planet the chances for it to reach the complex form like human is again 1 in a thousand, that too if no meteor strike vanishes out the entire life from that planet. It no leaves us with 1 trillion count.
  • Technological Advancement: Space travel is not the primary goal for evolution of life, so technological advancement is necessary. Even setting a satellite in outer space needs very advance technology. It leaves us with 1 billion possible alien civilizations in universe.
  • Communication with Aliens: Before beginning any interstellar travel any advanced civilization would try to communicate with any other life form in universe. That communication technology should be much advanced than ours as till now we have not even received a single signal from any alien species. It leaves our chances of alien civilization to just 1000,000 .
  • Being Defensive: It is possible that any such species would try to be defensive rather than being offensive. It is possible they try to go to inner space rather than outer space. It is possible that they fed up after trying to communicate as nobody replies, just like humans will fed up in next few centuries. It is also possible that they don't communicate to keep their planet safe from any colonizing species living nearby. It leaves count of communicative alien species to just 1000.
  • Interstellar travel : The possibility of interstellar travel is a science fiction. Even if some advanced alien species exist, they they won't travel themselves, else they will send self replicating robots on such travel (Stephen Hawking said that). Assuming that only one in 1000 can do that, we are left with just one alien civilization capable of interstellar travel, that too with robots.
That one civilization could be us !

Ideas like we are seeded here by aliens, they are watching us from above, they have left their planet as it has become inhabitable seems good for movies, but not good enough in real life. Here we are going to list some rare facts about Earth which has helped evolution of such an extraordinary life form (humans), that can not just think about alien civilization but can also search for them in near future. The points mentioned below make the earth rare of the rarest and none of them is used in the above list.
  • Similar Environment from past 4 billion years : We the humans have evolved in past 4 billion years, yet no natural calamity of climatic change vanished us out. No meteor strike or space event happened near us.
  • Our Earth is enjoying the same Orbit : Those who have studied astronomy know that planets can change their orbits, which can either fry a planet or freeze it. We are lucky that no such thing happened with us.
  • The Moon: When earth was forming, it was hit by a body of the size of Mars. It resulted in Earth getting tilted on its axis and a slow rotation rate. The same event resulted in formation of Moon. The size of our moon is perfect, if it was only a few miles bigger then climate of Earth would not have been the same.
  • Best Rotation rate: Rotation rate decided the length of a day, which is perfect for life to evolve. Too lengthy day can cause major temperature difference which can make the environment harsh and life can't evolve properly.
  • Tilted Axis and Seasons: Earth is tilted 23.5 degrees on its axis, which caused formation of seasons. Different types of flora and fauna, large variety of species and ability of humans to survive is caused due to these seasons. Humans might not have developed as much in absence of seasons.
  • Evolution: Evolution can't happen the same way as it happen here. Life started with unicellular, the multi-cellular, the sexuality developed which is must for a complex life form. Evolution took branches and developed itself inside water first and then came to ground. Trees evolved which are necessity for humans to survive. Sometimes evolution took some steps backwards as Dinosaurs vanished due to meteor strike and life again evolved and lead to us (the humans). 
Conclusion : Water might be a necessary factor for life to happen, but complex life forms take a majority of other things such as safe planet zone (i.e Goldilocks zone), same orbit for a long time, an optimum rotation rate, a moon of right size, tilted axis of planet and correct evolution. Even if any one thing goes the other way, the life either vanishes or can't develop after a certain level. Reaching the level of humans is almost impossible. Humans should consider themselves lucky enough.

Have you ever seen picture of a real alien !

However some youtube videos claim that some aliens were captured by humans but government kept them at top secret locations and never revealed the details. But such news and videos are usually just a trick to attract the viewers. You must have never ever seen of a real alien, even if you have seen then it must be from some movie. Wikileaks reveal a number of secret documents, but no such data has ever been revealed which proves existence of aliens and capturing any one of them.

What about pictures carved by our ancestors in caves ?

We analyze the pictures with the facts and knowledge that we have. Most of such analysis of pictures carved on walls can be attributed to preconceived notions of the historians and archaeologists. One more possible explanation is that some advanced human civilization must have been there during that time and tribal groups living during that time made pictures of advanced humans on the walls of caves. Even today some tribal people live in woods, away from the advanced humans, and they must have tried to draw pictures of our airplanes. Anything carved on stones can stay longer than anything written on paper or memory disc.

How to explain the ancient structures with advanced engineering ?

It is a common problem with most of the humans that we can very easily believe in super human powers and aliens. The era when these structure were made, the humans civilizations survived on our planet. Why can't we accept the fact that those humans were equipped with same brain that we have today. Pyramids were made just a few thousand years ago, and this time is not very long in terms of human evolution. Brain of humans living during those days, was efficient enough for scientific discoveries. It is possible that such engineering was accessible to only the privileged class of that time.A number of ancient texts are still not read / recognized by modern humans, which might explain the engineering that occurred during that time.

How UFO sightings can be explained ?

There are two ways to explain them. Either these sightings are actually testing of some advanced airplanes / drones / spacecrafts, which is not revealed to general public. The other way to explain UFO sighting is Hallucination. Today we know that hallucinations can occur to anybody, even a healthy looking person can hallucinate. The hallucination of a knowledgeable person can contain more advanced objects like UFOs, as he/she believes them true. The feeling of someone watching us from above is common in religious people, the stories of Peter Pan, fairy tales and santa are considered true by kids. All such things can make anybody hallucinate if they come through a possible condition to hallucinate.
Do you know that presence of Carbon Monoxide in air can make you hallucinate and you will feel like someone is watching you from behind and you hear voices that don't atually exist. People don't understand such hallucinations are often complain some paranormal activity.
A number of scientists claim that ice-age comes after every few thousand years, which destroys most of the advancement made by human civilizations. So it is possible that either ice-age or some large scale natural calamities have destroyed some ancient advanced human civilization, which was responsible for erecting those unexplained marvels of engineering during ancient times.

Shall we continue to keep looking for Alien Civilizations in space ?

Yes, it is necessary ! It is necessary so that we can understand the importance of our planet and treat it with some respect, rather than polluting it and making it inhabitable. Our search for Alien Civilizations can give us more insight into the universe and we might find some habitable planet. It can also help us understand different forms of evolution, because life is definitely out there but may be in a different form.

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