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You must have received such messages in your message box. Different languages are used to make people forward such messages. Some of these messages ask you to forward it to at least 10 people. People usually don't know why they read such messages and why they forward them. Some of these messages utilize the greed in the mind of reader, while some of them use the "fear of God" to make people forward them.

Why do people write and send such messages ?

  • To popularize a religion.
  • To make people fearful of God.
Both of the above motives can be easily understood but the truth is that the sender of such messages neither know the religion properly nor the God. According to me, originator of such messages needs some kind of treatment from a psychiatrist.

Why you should not forward such messages ?

You should not forward such messages because it shows that either you are greedy or fearful. Being greedy is not a bad thing, as long as it gives you motivation to do something good to fulfill that greed. But if you show your greediness to others by forwarding such messages, then someone will definitely ask you one day if you have got some Good News.
The second thing that gives fuel to such messages is your fear "fear of God", that if you don't forward it then something bad will happen to you. Believing in God is good, but being so much fearful that God is also checking your text messages is something rubbish.

What's the harm in forwarding such messages ?

It is a wastage of time. By forwarding such messages you also make others waste their time, at least in reading such messages.
It shows that your faith is made out of fear only (not out of love). If you forward such messages, it will make you even more fearful.
When you forward such messages, all of your friends come to know how superstitious you are.

The Worst Part

The worst part of such messages is when it says "You have have bad luck for rest of your life, if you don't forward it".  This part often make people either to be fearful or being angry on the sender. Usually people send such messages to family and friends, but such messages makes a wrong reputation of yours, if you forward it to them. Even if you have done it due to fear, you are making others fall in the same trap.

How to avoid it ?

Sometimes people find it hard to avoid such messages and forward it because they don't want bad luck for them and they don't want to take the risk. In such a condition you should understand that no God have got time to scan messages in your smartphone, it is you who do it, and if you have true faith and love for your God then no bad luck can come to you through a message. But still if you can't control yourself and want to forward it, then forward it to the sender only.

Note: Whenever i receive such message, i politely reply to the sender "Please don't send such messages to me. Please do tell me if you receive any good news, and i will tell you if i will get any bad luck due to your mistake".

No matter which religion you belong to, love your God due to the love that you have for him. If you bow down to your God, only due to fear, then you are getting fooled. Being fearful of God is good if you have done some bad things, but if you haven't then don't get fooled by such messages that utilize your fear.

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