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Is There Anything Unnatural: Nature Explained

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Whenever we talk about pollution and Green House Effect we also talk about unnatural things. But do you really think than any thing can be unnatural…

Bhagavad Gita's Definition of God

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Most of us read Bhagvad Gita, when we search for God. Search for God is search for eternity. As we age, the fear of death comes from inside. We have always seen God as an eternal thing. Our parents …

Sound Energy, Shabda, Naad Brahma and Om

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As per Hindu scholars the universe started from "Naad Brahma", which is a sound, a vibration. It almost similar to the sound of "Om&…

World is Created from Sound: Vibrations are everywhere

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We take the world as we see it, but it might be different. We perceive things as we see it. We have colored vision, but some animals have black an…

You will get a Good News in 24 Hours only if you Share this Article

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You must have received such messages in your message box. Different languages are used to make people forward such messages. Some of these messages a…

How to find the GOD ?

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It is an interesting question, especially if you are a bit spiritualistic. Finding God or even just understanding him is the motive of most of the religions. Every religion has got a definition of Go…