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Is There Anything Unnatural: Nature Explained

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Whenever we talk about pollution and Green House Effect we also talk about unnatural things. But do you really think than any thing can be unnatural? I think no. Every thing is natural, however it might not be health for us as a human being, but its natural. Every thing we see is a part of nature, so its natural. However some things that man has made which are dangerous to our species can be called inhuman or unhuman. Nature existed even before humans and it will exist even after humans. But we can control it to a little extent to keep our planet safe for our living. But we can't control nature, we can't control earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and meteoroid.

Nothing is Unnatural 

If Oxygen is Natural then Carbon Dioxide is also natural. If rain is natural then drought is also natural. But we think that those things which are in favor of humans is natural and which are unfavorable are unnatural. Everything in this world or universe is a part of nature, we might like some things and we might dislike some but it doesn't make them unnatural. Nature will continue to exist even when men will vanish from earth. Even if Earth is destroyed, nature will continue to exist in some other forms. Nature can handle anything. It can handle any shape. Nature is beautiful and its beauty is similarly distributed hidden in flowers, trees, animals, mountains, volcanoes, oceans etc.

Nature Can Handle Anything, Men Can't

Humans think that they can control the environment of earth. But its the nature that controls us. We can take very small steps to make ourselves safer for next few thousand years. Thousands of years is a long time for humans but for nature its just like seconds. Do you know when earth was formed it was very hot and and it remained same for billions of years, then clouds were formed and it rained for millions of years and make earth crust solid. (Core of Earth is still in molten state). Then again it took billions of years for life to be created in the form of unicellular beings. In the beginning life started in ocean and then came to land. Those beings were different from todays as they use to intake carbon dioxide. Environment changed and organisms adapted according to it. Several species were vanished. Dinosaurs ruled our planet for millions-billions of years and then completely terminated by nature is a single hit of a Meteoroid. Then in the end human beings came into existence.

We call ourselves the most intelligent beings. But i don't know where our intelligence will take us. Will it take us to some new planet to expand our territory or we will kill each other with our nuclear weapons. We say than aliens come to our planet. It means that nature has also played its games on some other planet and those creature might be more intelligent than us.

I don't want to be diverted from the topic so giving an end to this article. In the end i would like to say that Nature controls us but we think that we are the ruler. We should have a feeling of gratitude than nature has allowed us to survive on this planet, but we are constantly making this planet unsafe for humans.

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