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Sound Energy, Shabda, Naad Brahma and Om

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As per Hindu scholars the universe started from "Naad Brahma", which is a sound, a vibration. It almost similar to the sound of "Om". Everything is generated from it. "Naad Brahma" is just a energy a vibrating energy. If we talk about it in scientific language then the smallest constituent of matter is atom. Most of us think that its a solid thing, just like a brick in a large house. But the truth is different. An atom consist of a nucleus and electrons surrounding it, just like planets rotate around sun. An atom is similar to our solar system. It has no outer boundary, same as solar system. It has infinite empty space in it compared to the size of nucleus and electrons. Then how does these atoms with so much empty space create solid things? I can't explain this thing in this small article. But at this point we are discussing about sound and vibrations. The electrons rotate around nucleus in a fixed orbit but also keep vibrating. Vibration is a sound in itself.

According to Hindu mythology everything is created from sound. Even we are a form of sound. Whatever we see is sound. Even light is sound. Light is just vibrating photons. Our eye can catch them and form images. If you have ever studied Bats, you might have the knowledge that they can't see in light. Instead they use their ears ans sonic waves to create images. They fly so fast but never collide with anything. It means that the images formed in their brain by using sonic waves is quiet as clear as we see with eyes. We can't see in dark night but Bats can see easily in night by using the sonic waves. Similarly snakes use infrared sensors to form a image, as we use infrared cameras to see in night.

Sound Energy

Everything in this world is a form of energy. Energy can change its state. According to Hindu mythologies in the beginning everything was sound. This sound energy created all things.

Naad Brahma

Naad Brahma is the sound of universe. It was the basic sound of vibrating universe. Om is just a symbolic voice to imitate that sound. All other sounds are originated from this sound.


"Shabda" means Word. All Shabdas are made from the very first sound of universe which were vibrations of Naad Brahma. Even Bible shares the same knowledge, it says "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."


Om is the most reputed word of Hindus. Every mantra starts with Om. Mantras are created to pray god for specific blessings. Some hindu scholars say that these Mantras produce specific sound vibrations which produce specific effects like treating a disease and making a person psychologically and physically strong enough to fulfill his wishes. Om is also known as "Beej Mantra". Which means that "Om" sound is the seed (origin) of all mantras. Not only hindu mantras start with Om but mantras in Buddha Religion also start with Om. Its best example is "Om Mani Padme hum".

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