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World is Created from Sound: Vibrations are everywhere

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We take the world as we see it, but it might be different. We perceive things as we see it. We have colored vision, but some animals have black and white vision. Their perspective is different. They smell things before to get more knowledge about it. Their view of this world might be different from ours. Bats might see it in a different way. Solids and liquids are visible to us but air is not. Might be some organisms can see the air with a different type of vision. Might be the aliens have some other type of vision. Man thinks that he is the best but who knows if our vision is perfect or not.

According to Hindu philosophy world is created from sound (Anahad Naad). This sound created words. This sound creates matter. Sound is vibration. These vibrations are everywhere. These vibration are in Atoms (Anu) . These atoms created molecules, where vibrating electrons are binding atoms. Our body is created from this matter. Complete universe is formed from this matter, which is nothing but vibrations. Our eyes are created from vibrations, but it can create images by interpreting vibrating photons. Our ears can hear sound by interpreting vibrating air molecules. (You can't hear any thing in vacuum). Our body have capability of interpreting only certain types of vibrations.

There are some vibrations that we can't see or feel, such as Radio Waves, ultraviolet waves, x-Ray waves, radiations and much more. There is a lot more that we can't see or feel. If we can see these things then the image of this world might be different for us.

Sometimes these facts makes me grateful to this nature, that is has gives us the ability to analyze such things with such a small brain. Our brains also works with with electrical signals flowing through the neurons. Waves are analyzing waves. Humans are definitely a rare creature in this universe. But we know that might be some other beings in this universe with a lot more powerful brain than ours.

Matter is Vibration

Matter is created from atoms. Each atom have a nucleus and electrons rotate around it (just like our solar system). Just imagine the space between planets. Similarly each atoms have infinite space compared to size of nucleus and electrons. Atoms don't have any outer cover (same as solar system). Each electron traveling in its orbit also vibrates but don't loose its track. Several atoms create a molecule, and several molecules create a small piece of matter. Thus every matter is just vibrations of electrons and protons. If you think deeply then every piece of matter have infinite space inside it, but we see it as a solid, liquid and gas. Some are transparent while some are not. Solids have more atoms in lesser space, so their charge doesn't allow photons to penetrate into it, so we see it.

Soul is Vibration

The world of vibrations is a never ending topic. Some Hindu scholars say that our soul is also set of vibrations which resides in a body for a lifetime and then passes to some other body. It remains connected to our body through "chakras" present in the spinal cord. These chakras are also called Kundalini. Yogis work hard to awake their chakras and here their vibrations. When all Chakras are awakened, then that state is called enlightenment. At this point the Yogi hears the ultimate voice of universe and attains a never ending peace of mind. 

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